The Experience

We have built a new health care ecosystem based on artificial intelligence and cloud computing. Our technology provides intelligent medical care and a full offering of medical services. These tools can be widely used in teaching, research, clinics, certification, and more. These features have been implemented at the Kanghua Hospital for verification.

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  1. Patient App
  2. Doctor App
  3. Customer Service

Patient App

Patients can find doctors that specialize in their needs and immediately register to meet with the doctor. They can also manage members of their families, view appointment history, and make payments online.

Doctor App

Doctors will be able to see patients that have requested to meet with them online, view patient medical history, and prescribe medication remotely, as well as video conference with patients during their appointments.

Customer Service

Our app also includes a customer service module so that you can ship medication to patients as needed and make sure your patients are satisfied with the hospital experience.